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Magmatic alveolar mineral alveolar naturally expanded. It's extremely light, porous, great water retention and slow release of liquids. Natural product, eco-friendly, not dangerous and widely used in the horticultural industry.


  • Substrate for rooting (sowing, cuttings, grafts, hydroponic);
  • Preparation of universal potting soils;
  • Preparation of specific soils (annual plants, succulents, house plants ...);
  • Preparation of professional soils for horticultural nurseries and protected crops;
  • Mulching of flowerbeds or garden areas where you want to prevent the growth of grasses or weeds;
  • Hydroponics;
  • Soil conditioner;
  • Drainage;
  • Plan for support vessels;
  • Thermal insulation.

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The pumice is the product of explosive volcanic eruptions and is formed as a result of a violent expansion of the gases dissolved in the acid washing of chemical composition. The rapid cooling of the rock has prevented its crystallization, trapping inside the gas and generating alveolar minerals expanded in a more or less accentuated way.

During solidification the vapors present in the magma, suddenly released, have caused the bulge of the entire mass of the magma and during this rapid cooling phase the differences in the physical structure of the various inert volcanic have been created.

The pumice is formed from a magma with higher content of silica. The higher viscosity and the faster cooling of the lava have facilitated the leakage of a certain amount of the gases present in the magma. So minerals characterized by emptiness of an average diameter smaller than those of lapilli but far higher were formed.



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