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In the organization of our activities and in the management of the seeds of cactus and succulents plants we are trying to take care of every detail, with the aim of offering a service that conforms to the customers' expectations. We planned and documented a series of procedures relating to key business processes: here they are.


Supply of seeds

We buy fresh and just collected seeds of cacti and succulents from the largest and most well-known European nurseries. We are soon informed about new availability of seeds and we immediately place orders for large quantities: this allows us to always ensure the best products in terms of freshness and viability. The large nurseries use to store seeds regardless of the environmental conditions; we put them in the best conditions of temperature and humidity immediately after purchase, when they are still fresh. We buy exclusively to suppliers of proven trust and reliability and, above all, in compliance with the current legislation on the protection of plant species. All our suppliers are able to document the origin of the seeds of cactus plants subject to special regulations.



Acceptance of seeds

Upon receipt of the seeds of cacti and succulents we maintain direct evidence of the correspondence between what was ordered and what was actually delivered. The seeds are removed from their original packaging (often in airtight plastic, not suggested for storage) and are placed in lightweight and breathable paper bags. Each bag is uniquely identified by the code of the supplier, the date of purchase and the name of the species. On this occasion, we also carry out a visual inspection of the seeds, discarding those obviously not healthy and that may not germinate or give rise to cactus plants not in perfect condition.



Seeds conservation

The seeds of cacti and succulents placed in paper bags are stored away from moisture, light, and above all, from high temperatures. To ensure these conditions, we have provided a small environment equipped with digital thermostat set to a temperature between 9°C and 11°C and 24-7 controlled. The combination of these factors is essential for the proper preservation of cactus seeds, whose dormancy is ensured and sustained.



Seeds sale

On the site are sold exclusively fresh seeds of cacti and succulent, aged not more than one year: they have been collected in the last growing season. For example, during 2019 we sold only seeds collected from 2018 onwards. This allows us to maintain high product quality and to ensure that buyers enthusiasts with the highest rate of germination. An exception to this rule, the seeds of some plants (eg Mesembryanthemum seeds) which reach their maximum germination rate after a few years from the collection; but in any case, on all product pages we explicitly indicate the age of the seeds we are selling.

The seeds unsold at the end of each year or growing season, thanks to the accurate preservation, retain a good quality, but for biological reasons may have slightly lower rates of germination. These seeds are removed from the main catalog and put on sale in a section of our website, or given as a present, or given away to enthousiast associations.



Shipping of seeds

The seeds of cacti and succulents are shipped in solid, robust and adequately padded packagings, to prevent crushing. Packaging shall be made, when possible, with recycled materials to avoid waste production. Shipping is normally within 24 hours after receipt of payment and in any case within 7 days, except exceptional cases.




We kindly ask you, if you want, to communicate us the results of your germinations by sending an email to our Stats Division (Stats Division). In the email you must include the order number, the number of seeds planted and the number of seedlings sprouted. This will allow us to update the statistics on the germination of different species, carrying out the analyzes undertaken a few years ago; then we can also control the quality of the seeds of cacti and succulents for sale on our site and make careful and prudent considerations about our suppliers. For more informations, look at the Germination Rate Stats obtained so far.




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