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Our walk in the 28 acres of the Geneve Botanical Garden, universally known as the most beautiful of Switzerland and famous around the world for the variety of species of flora (and fauna!).

by: SeedsCactus.com27/08/2013

Accessible to the public since 1904, but much older origin, the botanical garden of Geneva is a rare example of integration and mixture of plant and animal species from the whole world planet and perfectly in balance each other. The varieties of plants are broken down by thematic point of view based on their habitat of origin and are illustrated with the aid of information boards: protected plants, medicinal plants, garden flowers, succulents typical of arid and dry environments. In contrast to that of Lausanne, this garden is cared for down to the smallest detail and is one of the most interesting places of the city and easily accessible.

After an overview tour, our attention is naturally captured by the greenhouse of succulents. Aesthetically pleasing, the beautiful glass and steel structure is home to many species of Mexican cacti and South African succulents: in particular, we can not help but notice the many Echinopsis, Agave, many columnar and above all a splendid specimen of adult Alluaudia procera of Madagascar, now high as much as the greenhouse.

Outside there are specimens of some cold resistant species (strong cold here around): nice, in particular, the setting up of a vertical wall with numerous species of Opuntia perfectly integrated, rooted and vigorous. The infinite family of Euphorbiaceae is worthily represented by specimens perhaps little known and common among fans because of their aesthetic features of no particular relevance (E. fragifera, E. rigida, E. characias), but still fun to watch in their respective geographical sections.

Special mention, though not strictly "succulent", the small zoo inside the botanical garden, especially some beautiful specimens of pink flamingos of Chile.


Serra Panoramica Panoramica Opuntia Opuntia Euphorbia characias Euphorbia fragifera Euphorbia rigida Euphorbia Fenicotteri Fenicotteri Panoramica Panoramica Sempervivium Alluaudia procera Alluaudia procera Pachypodium lamerei


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