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The perlite is an inorganic, stable, chemically inert, sterilized product. Perlite is a specific variety of extrusive volcanic rock in the range of rhyolites and dacites and has the unique property to expand up to 20 times its original volume. Under the effect of the high temperatures (between 850°C and 1000°C) reached at the contact of a flame in the furnace of expansion, the water contained in the granule is transformed into steam, inflating the walls surrounding vitreous and causing the characteristic increase in volume of the granule itself. This process, irreversible, leads to the formation of micro-cavities which give the expanded perlite its extraordinary insulating power. The expanded perlite cannot, moreover, be attacked by microorganisms for its sterility and inorganicity and stops development of microbiological pollutants.


  • Substrate for cuttings rooting thanks to the excellent air-to-water ratio resulting in better oxygenation of the root;
  • Soil amendment for clay soils;
  • Mixed to the soil, to give sterility and to reduce the frequency of attacks pathogens to the roots;
  • Inert for hydroponics;
  • Preparation of compounds for seed beds, growing in beds and pots;
  • Substrate for growing without soil of flowers, fruit and vegetables;
  • Inert for the storage of bulbs and tubers;
  • Reserve water in the bottom of pots;
  • As insulation in the formation of sprues in the foundry;
  • Absorbent for packages containing dangerous liquids;
  • Thermal insulation of attics.


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