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The European Commission for protection of environment has interrupted the introduction into the EU of certain CITES species.

by: SeedsCactus.com24/10/2013

With the Commission Implementing Regulation (UE) 578/2013 of the European Commission (17/06/13) the introduction in Europe of specimens of certain species of wild fauna and flora has been completely interrupted. This measure, which replaces Regulation 757/2012 and entered into force on 11/07/13, relates to some considerations of scientific research group of the Commission about the conservation status of some species in Annexes A and B of Regulation n. 338/97. In particular, according to the research team, the conservation of the species covered by this measure could be seriously endangered in the absence of drastic measures to contain commercial exploitation as, in fact, the total block of imports.

It's important to note that the restrictive measure has no general validity, but it applies solely to the particular combination of species-country as stated on the list; the restrictive measure wise to protect the endangered species within some particular and well defined habitats and countries.

In this context, it is clear the Commission's desire to protect the natural environment of Turkey (especially for Orchidaceae) and Madagascar (for some Pachypodium and several Euphorbiaceae), genres that mostly suffered in recent years of overdone commercial exploitation. Here attached is the complete list of plant species affected by the order, with the hope that, once again, it can serve as a tool for effective safeguard for the maintenance and conservation of biodiversity.







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