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The story of a baby coyote being trapped in the spines of a cactus and luckily saved by rescuers.


Have you ever had the good fortune to see up close a Cylindropuntia fulgida? No? If you ever get the opportunity, here's a little advice: stand for a discreet contemplation and keep away!

This cactus, not surprisingly also called "Jumping Cholla", is known for the ease with which the scapes, with many spines, are detached from the plant adhering to whatever touches them. And what about its spines? They are very dangerous because of the presence of numerous "barbs" which, remaining stuck in the skin, make the extraction difficult and painful.

Now all this have been learned by a baby coyote, found a few days ago at a golf course in Sun City West, Arizona, presenting on the whole body some stems of Cylindropuntia. After a golf player report, the employees of the structure rushed to help it and, fitted by tweezers, released it from the spines on the snout and on the whole body.

All this took place under the watchful eyes of mother coyote that remained to guard the scene without interfering, demonstrating the rescuers the same confidence expressed by the puppy that has never tried to bite or to rebel against the actions of men. After the rescue, the puppy has been approximated to the mother and four brothers.

This good example of collaboration between man and animal has led the unfortunate affair to a happy ending. We hope that the little coyote has learned his lesson and that in the future will be able to hold off his curiosity.


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