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BOOKS: "Life is a cactus"

by Francesca Del Rosso and Alessandra Tedesco

by: SeedsCactus.com06/05/2013

Want to know if your life has taken the right direction? Look carefully at your cactus! The message of Francesca Del Rosso and Alessandra Tedesco, authors of the book "Life is a cactus", is unambiguous.

In a light and ironic way, this book, primarily for female readers, tells the stories of a group of friends different from each other, as different are cacti they have chosen to grow and fully represent their mood, acting as a "thermometer" of their lives.

Esther is the main character: both at work and in precarious love life, she engages in bad relationships and that have a bad impact on the health of her Bridgesii that, page after page, becomes weak and battered. Her story and her cactus' story are intertwined with those of Miriam, Paoletta, Camilla and Beatrice and their Lithops, Mamillaria hirsuta, Euphorbia obesa and many others. Gaia, the only one to be already married, shows off the most lush cacti, one of which is a splendid Echinocactus grusonii ("mother-in-law pillow"), a plant that challenge the patience of those who decide to welcome it home as it shows its flowers only after forty years. Even here the similarities with the married life don't lack ...

Do you fear that after reading this book you will not resist the temptation to buy the cactus that most represents you? No problem, the book is full of simple tips and practical instructions for the cultivation and care of cactus you have chosen.

The important thing is not to forget that "cacti give us a hand to recover from a difficult love life and to get more balanced relationships with men: they must be watered, but not too much because they can go rot, nor too little because they dry out."


La vita è un cactus

Title: Life is a cactus
Editor: Sonzogno
Pages: 223
Also available as an e-book








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